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      March Practice Information

      March 14 a night of games and races from 5:15 to 6pm for groups
      normally on the ice at that time.  A normal practice from 6:15-7:45
      for the older group.

      March 17 – normal practices

      March 21 a family skate from 5:15 to 6pm.  Maybe with hot chocolate
      and timbits!!!

      March 21 a Relay Challenge practice from 6:pm to 7:45.

      March 24 – last practice for this season!!!!!

      Ice Time Update

      Skaters will be returning to the ice on Monday the 31st of January. To ease the transition back onto the ice, please see the schedule below:

      Competitive skaters in Groups 1 and 2 and Peter’s Monday night group will return on January 31st and February 3rd. Ice time is from 5:15pm until 6:45 pm.

      All skaters will return on February 7th with Learn to Skate Groups 3 and 4 on the ice at 5:15pm.

      Ice time update

      With the new Covid measures now in place, HSSC will ncel ice time until skating n resume for all age groups (Levels 1-4). This is a difficult decision to make as many of our skaters enjoy their ice time and a few have been working hard at skill improvement. HSSC also feels that it is best to hold off on requesting payment from parents until this circuit breaker is over. Limited ice time will change the cost to skaters and HSSC wants to ensure that the amounts owing are accurate to avoid any confusion. Thank you and hoping to see everyone back at the rink very soon!! Please connect with us via hamptonssc@gmail.com with any questions.

      Fundamentals Meet Saturday December 11

      The Saint John Speed Skating Club has opened the Fundamentals Meet to all New Brunswick clubs! The meet will have a limit of 48 skaters. Registration will be open December 1st at 5pm! Follow the link below to register. This is a great opportunity for our younger skaters to try their developing skills at a meet. There are also some fun challenges too.

      SJASSC 2021 FUNdamentals Meet Registration – Sat , Dec 11, 2021 (urldefense.com)

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